About Us

Wow. What an amazing nearly six years this has been! Our agency was first founded as Los Angeles Surrogacy Center in 2010. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand, and most recently have evolved into California Egg Donation and Surro Center.

Our agency works with a large network of professionals that are based out of three locations domestically, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. For our more cost-conscious potential future parents, we also now offer an international package in Mexico.

Our number one priority is the health and welfare of our surrogate mothers and the unborn children each carries. To ensure we are successful, we have implemented very strict surrogate mother screening guidelines that limit the number of previous pregnancies and c-section births we allow our surrogates to have prior to matching with you. We also have a mandatory wellness program for all of our surrogates, to ensure your surrogate is at her most optimal health during and prior to conception. The healthier your surrogate, the more likely your baby will be born healthy and at full term.

Dawn Marmorstein, our managing director, is a multiple time surrogate who has been actively involved in the surrogacy industry since age 23.  Since then, Dawn has been an industry pioneer. Her agency is one of the most affordable in the industry, all while creating the only agency model which places the health of both the baby and surrogate mother at the forefront. She created an innovative and proprietary mandatory wellness program, the only one in the industry, for the agency’s surrogate mothers, which helps to maintain the complete health and well-being of both surrogate mother and the unborn child she carries. In April 2013, the agency implemented a policy which limits the number of prior C-sections a surrogate mother candidate could have to just one.  Dawn is also host of a radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com called “The ABCs of Surrogacy,” and her blog “Surrogacy Diva” educates parents and surrogates from pre-conception all the way through parenthood.